What will Kim Kardashian call her newborn son? Check what the bookies think

As of yet, we’ve not found out what mini Kardashian-West’s name is, so we’re going to have a few guesses and hope it’s as good as North.

An insider previously told Mail Online that the couple WILL be calling the baby Easton.

“Easton is the chosen name. It’s confirmed that the baby boy will be called Easton,” said the source.

However, the couple went on to deny the rumour – and Kim revealed that she WOULDN’T consider calling her baby a quirky match-matchy directional name, like North. Sob.

Their choice of baby name for their first child raised eyebrows and it looks like Kim and Kanye are planning on surprising us again.

But the couple will not be naming their next born anything compass related – such as South or East, according to TMZ.odds 1232

Kimmy said that she wants the baby to have a “strong” name.

“I don’t like South West, though, because North will always be better and she has a better direction,” she previously said.

Paddy Power is offering odds on Kimye’s baby name as fans continue to speculate over what they will name their first son.

Easton is the clear favourite at 5/2 with South coming in second at 6/1 and East in four place at 8/1.

Wild and North by North are both at 25/1.

There are also some rather surprising names including Barack at 66/1 after the US president, Taribo at 200/1, and Bullet Proof at 250/1.

Just days a go US Weekly reported the couple STILL hadn’t picked a name.

A source said: “Kim and Kanye are both calling everyone and constantly asking for ideas.”

“They are trying to narrow it down, but it’s been really hard.

“They are hoping when she gives birth, the right one will jump out at them.”

Fans have already started to speculate on Twitter, with one posting: “If Kim K doesn’t call her baby Wild she’s missing a great opportunity. # WildWest.”


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