Watch shocking footage as dry, unwatered Christmas tree is engulfed in flames within 10 SECONDS

AN advert has warned that a dry Christmas tree can catch fire faster than a newspaper.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission released a video as a warning after an estimated 200 fires a year due to Christmas trees catching fire.

In the video, the tree can be seen catching fire and is fully ablaze within 10 seconds.


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

A dry Christmas tree can catch fire and burn faster than newspaper


The video says: "From 2010 to 2012 there were an estimated annual average of 200 fires where the Christmas tree was the first item ignited, resulting in 10 deaths, 20 injuries, and $17million in property loss."

The advert warns people to make sure their tree is well watered and kept well away from candles in a bid to stop any tragic accidents. is the online edition of Scotland's favourite newspapers, that brings you your Daily news. Every day we bring you the best in Scottish news, sport, entertainment and opinion, including breaking news, picture galleries, videos and live blogs.

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