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A BIT of a howler from Kezia Dugdale during a pre-election leaders' debate at Dundee University. She was talking about the need to improve mental health services and explained how a range of factors, such as debt, could trigger problems. Reasonably, she said tackling poverty helps tackle mental illness. But she shouldn't have added: "You might think that's mad."


Still at the Dundee University Students' Association event, there wasn't a clear winner in the debate. But there was afterwards. Students queued for half an hour for selfies with the First Minister.


If the leaders seemed a little ring rusty, it was surely because they've not quite got into their election stride. We've more than 100 days to go, after all. But when exactly is the 100 day milestone? The parties can't agree. Some want to mark Tuesday, which is 100 days to polling day, and others Monday, marking 100 days to the end of the campaign.


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Addressing a Scottish Parliamentary Journalists' Association lunch, David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, took the opportunity to thank politicians on all sides who sent messages of support when he announced he was gay. "I had to tell the Prime Minister," he said. "He stopped eating his apple, so it was obviously not what he was expecting me to say."

The only Tory in the village added: "Some of my colleagues at Westminster are so fixated on the EU referendum that when they heard the word 'out' they assumed I was leading the Leave campaign."

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