Six of the best new games developed by studios in Scotland

A WIDE range of titles – from shooters to reboots – are ready for release across Scotland’s burgeoning gaming industry. We look at six of the best.

A screenshot of Gameday Live, a new football manager game by Digital Sports Arena. Picture: Contributed

A screenshot of Gameday Live, a new football manager game by Digital Sports Arena. Picture: Contributed

Described as the “next evolution” in football manager simulation, Gameday Live is the debut product from Dundee-based Digital Sports Arena (DSA).

Released last month for Android and Apple devices, the game allows players to call the shots in hyper-realisitc style as they prepare their chosen team for its next crucial match.

It allows for real-time match action against competing players from around the world.

DSA is led by an experienced BAFTA award winning team of video games executives with a record of delivering multi-million selling sports game franchises.

Out now.

BINARIES (Ant Workshop)

After a career working with international games giants such as Rockstar, Edinburgh-based developer Tony Gowland struck out on his own. Binaries – “a tricky puzzle platformer” is the first title produced by his new studio, Ant Workshop.

“We’ve had it [Binaries] at a few shows and the response has been absolutely fantastic,” Gowland told The Scotsman in April. “They can play a few levels and then get stuck because it’s quite difficult – there’s a real sense of achievement when you actually complete a level.”

Out now.

BRUTAL (Stormcloud Games)

“The goal of Brutal is simple: reach level 26 and defeat the fearsome Dungeon Guardian,” its makers explain. There’s a catch, of course. You’ll need to start level one with no weapons other than your bare fists and unlit torch.

The product of Dundee’s Stormcloud, which brings together three of the most experienced developers in the city, it was this week released for PlayStation and PC.

Keen gamers will recognise Brutal as a reimagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler in impressive 3D style.

Out now.

THE SHIP: REMASTED (Blazing Griffin)

When Edinburgh-based studio Blazing Griffin acquired the rights to cult classic The Ship: Murder Party in 2011 it did so with the intention of developing the franchise further, including new installments.

While Remasted is a reboot of the original, rather than a sequel, it’s already proving a hit among those who have played it on early access.

The title is still very much in development, but recently announced new additions – such as the ability to play as notorious world leaders – are only increasing anticipation.

Available via Early Access.

FRAGMENTAL (Ruffian Games)

This indie title has one important difference to your average shooter title – one direct shot will kill your character, so be prepared to die a lot.

Described as “an intense couch-play, multiplayer twin-stick shooter”, Fragmental is a product of Dundee-based developers Ruffian.

With a top down view, there’s no way to hide from your opponent.

Available via Early Access.

GRAVITY PONG(Lightspeed Games)

It’s the classic pong game beloved by millions – but with a twist. Players can summon black holes to bend the gravity field, or supercharge curveballs to trick your opponent.

The title is the latest creation by Lightspeed, a tiny indie studio based in Dundee run by César Parent who builds retro games from scratch with modern additions.

Gravity Pong is an addictive game suitable for PCs as well as most modern gamepads such as PlayStation and Xbox.

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