Irvine Welsh slams Nobel Prize award for Bob Dylan

Irvine Welsh has launched an attack on the Nobel Prize for literature which was given to Bob Dylan, branding it “an ill conceived nostalgia award”.

The Trainspotting novelist was less than happy about the award, which prompted a series of exchanges on Twitter.

“I’m a Dylan fan, but this is an ill conceived nostalgia award wrenched from the rancid prostates of senile, gibbering hippies,” he wrote.

He continued: “If you’re a `music’ fan, look it up in the dictionary. Then `literature’. Then compare and contrast.”

He also begged to know if writer Don De Lillo had been inducted into the Rock `n’ Roll hall of fame yet.

Dylan became the first musician to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.


Bob Dylan. Picture: AP

Bob Dylan. Picture: AP

The 75-year-old was given the prestigious accolade for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

The last American to have won the literature prize was Beloved author Toni Morrison in 1993.

His win has been praised by literary figures and critics, with a leading academic hailing him as the Tennyson of our times.

The six Nobel prizes will be handed out at a ceremony on December 10, which will mark the 120th anniversary of the death of the founder of the prize, Alfred Nobel, in 1896. is the online edition of Scotland's favourite newspapers, that brings you your Daily news. Every day we bring you the best in Scottish news, sport, entertainment and opinion, including breaking news, picture galleries, videos and live blogs.

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