Ice warning issued for motorists as snow, sleet and freezing fog hit UK

Swathes of the country have been warned of icy conditions with motorists advised driving conditions may be difficult.

The Met Office issued a yellow warning of ice stretching from the northern half of Scotland down to northern England, as outbreaks of sleet and snow overnight threatened to create slick conditions in sub-zero temperatures.

A second yellow warning was issued for much of Wales and parts of the South West, as falling temperatures were expected to touch freezing and create icy patches.

A few wintry showers are expected for northern parts before clearing on Tuesday evening from the south where gardeners were warned of a hard frost, while freezing fog could affect travel is the online edition of Scotland's favourite newspapers, that brings you your Daily news. Every day we bring you the best in Scottish news, sport, entertainment and opinion, including breaking news, picture galleries, videos and live blogs.

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