Front runner for next Scottish Chief Constable is accused of ‘corruption, bullying and harassment’

POLICE boss vying to be Scotland’s chief constable has been accused of presiding over “corruption, bullying and harassment”.

Neil Richardson’s chances were already dented by revelations that a secretive unit he commanded spied on journalists’ sources.

Last week, watchdogs said the Counter Corruption Unit had broken rules five times and the illegal surveillance was “reckless”.

The probe related to a Sunday Mail report exposing flaws in the investigation into the murder of Emma Caldwell 10 years ago.

Now a top lawyer has written to Deputy Chief Constable Richardson outlining further complaints about the CCU.

Aamer Anwar represents officers including Constable Andrew Reid, 36, who was charged over claims he looked at police computer records after being attacked while off duty in 2009.

The costly criminal case built against him by the CCU was thrown out after five years and 35 hearings and Reid is now suing his former bosses over the campaign to incriminate him.

Anwar wrote: “Our client has raised allegations of criminality or misconduct by your officers.

“We are instructed by over 20 officers, many of whom have raised similar allegations, yet nothing appears to have been done. We propose to present the
Scottish Parliament with a dossier where officers have complained of a culture of corruption, bullying and harassment.”

Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House quit this week after a string of scandals.

And Anwar said: “The police officers I represent are seriously concerned at the prospect of getting Stephen House MkII.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We have received correspondence from Mr Anwar today.

“The content will be reviewed and considered. HMICS has been asked to carry out a review of counter corruption within Police Scotland and we will fully co-operate with that work.”

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