Eddi Reader: son ‘fears’ wearing Yes t-shirt after indy ‘racist’ slur

Eddi Reader has claimed that her son was told independence supporters were 'racist' by a taxi driver after he got into his cab wearing a Yes t-shirt.

The Scots singer said her son was told by the taxi driver that 'Yes Scots were racist' when he got into a cab with two friends from Bristol.

She told her Twitter followers that her son has 'begun to fear' wearing his Yes t-shirt following the incident.

Reader, a prominent advocate for Yes Scotland, added that her son had not realised what t-shirt he was wearing when he got into the taxi.

The singer and her son have received a lot of support on social media, with some claiming to have had similar experiences.


However, others suggested that the taxi driver may have meant the comment to be ironic.

Scots voted to remain in the UK in the independence referendum, with 55% backing the union.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has not ruled out the possibility of a second independence referendum. However, she has said that public opinion will have to change before the SNP hold a second ballot.

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